February 20, 2009

WIP: Offset cardigan with Luxus Cloud

Offset cardigan with Luxus Cloud
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I finally started making this little not-so-surprise-anymore cardigan for a friend's child. There's going to be offset buttoning on the front, it's knit as one piece to the sleeves and instead of a side seam I made a simple cable on the side.

The yarn is a positive surprise - Novita Luxus Cloud, wool-bamboo mix. I have been a bit skeptical to try out Novita's Luxus yarns because their regular yarns aren't often to my tastes, either, so the extra price for the Luxus yarns didn't seem justified since I knew I could get similar yarns for a similar price elsewhere, with the only exception that I could trust the quality.

However, Luxus Cloud is delightful! It is very sproingy, a little fuzzy on the surface but not much and has great stitch definition. It also has a sheen that makes the white yarn look almost pearl-like. I haven't encountered knots in the skeins and all in all, it's been wonderful to knit with. If only there were better colours, I'd have tons of sweater projects for myself, too:)

Here's another picture of the cardigan, you can see the side cable there.
Offset cardigan with Luxus Cloud

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