May 28, 2010

Pop up

Pop up
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So, when you have a bunch of submission deadlines coming up, lots of ideas in your head just begging you to actually knit them for once, school dead-deadlines behind and a bunch of other little things going on in your life... what to do?

Get on a midnight learning a new skill-spree, of course. So I present you my first pop-up spread. I can't believe I actually did it! It's nothing too sophisticated but when I was a child the greatest magic was to get to read pop up books. There's something adorable about them.

So I started learning. I could figure out the basics myself but sometimes it's just as good to read what someone else has already written instead of figuring out everything from scratch, so I read through these tutorials. Picked up a few things here and there and then started trying things out.

I spent a while folding papers strips differently and then opening and closing the booklet to see if they were working, it was pretty much a trial and error. When I was folding my final strip of paper, something clicked and I think next time things will be much smoother. And I can focus on getting a nicer looking result as well:)

Ok, I just wanted to share this:) I rarely learn new techniques even though I eventually enjoy them and adapt them to my own uses. I should do this learning thing more often.

And if anyone is interested about the materials, cardstock is Canson Mi-Teintes in different shades of green and I rubberstamped moths and dragonflies on them. Plus some metallic acrylics, shimmering inks and glitter glue, as usual:)

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