April 25, 2010


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I have been silent for a while, but I've been furiously knitting! I searched for a perfect yarn for Skew for a while, thinking that it needed to be something cheerful and bright. I couldn't think of anything until I remembered my neon coloured hanspun! It was just perfect for this!

The yarn was about sport weight, so there were some issues. I measured my swatch and calculated the stitches and happily started knitting, only to realise that the stretch when knitting in bias is so different, that my sock didn't fit me at all. So I adjusted stitch counts and went on. That time I actually finished the sock and then realised I couldn't get it on past my feel! Frogging time again. That time I made sure I got it right.

Repeat for the second sock, only this time I already knew the right stitch counts but still somehow managed to mangle the heel so that the sock just wouldn't fit. After a frog and reknit, they are finally here! It's a good thing they are pretty, because I was getting a tiny bit frustrated:)

Some pattern notes:
- Toe: I didn't do the toe as instructed and instead of did a flatter and wider toe and then adjusted the rest of the increases accordingly. The pointier toe looked so weird on my feet.
- Gusset and heel. Make sure these fit, make sure you can get the sock on and off and don't take the stitch count fool you.

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