March 17, 2010

Rainbow socks

Rainbow socks
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Another pair of stripy socks. I started knitting these in December and almost finished them in a week. And then - 4 months of procrastination happened. But I'm glad I finally finished them:)

As for my photography skills, well, someone might have spotted that I was taking a closeup of the seam that the stripes make, but that just wouldn'¨t me my style would it.

But on the topic of Noro socks, I have made and used a pair of socks made with both yarns, Kureyon and SIlk Garden sock. I am a little surprised to admit that I prefer Kureyon sock. I adored knitting with SGS but as it turns out, after about two months of wear the socks had holes on their heels.

KS, however, has held up beautifully and I have worn those socks for about six months and they've been my favourite pair so that's a lot of use. There was some initial pilling, but after taking those out, the socks look great. It was actually a surprise for myself as well, because somehow the yarn itself doesn't seem that tough. Or then I just had a really good batch:)

After finishing these I decided to reward myself with some Wollmeise. I'm making Chains of Love socks with Johannisbeere und Brennessel, a colour combination that I don't like that much, expect apparently in Wollmeise. It was one of the colours that finally made me gave in to the craze. But I'll get back to them later.

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jademondin said...

they are perfect. if we had the same shoe size I woudl sneak them away from you ;-)