March 07, 2010

It's the 80's

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I finally got to blocking my 80's-inspired scarf:) It's black, it's lacey, it has glittering beads, it's the 80's! I love it, even if it isn't the most sophisticated thing in the world:)

Knit with Filatura di Crosa Superios, a blend of silk and cashmere and Tilli Tomas Beaded Lace, this was a bit of a splurge, but on the other hand both these yarns are pretty affordable in their own categories. Combined, I had about 450 metres of yarn and that was plenty to make a decent-sized scarf, I even have little bit of leftovers.

I used a feather and fan type of stitch pattern, found in Haapsalu Sall. As the Superior had twice the yardage, I knit from the peak up, increasing 2 stitches every round to make a flattened triangle shape and knitting 4 rows of Superior, 2 rows of Beaded Lace.

The two yarns have a different texture, Superior is thin and has a nice halo while Beaded Lace is silk, shiny and smooth and a little thicker. When I wear this around my neck, you cannot really see the difference, especially since the fluffiness of Superior covers it up a bit, but when I took pictures against light, you can see the different texture. (Yeah, more pics on Flickr/Ravelry, as usual:) ) One of the reasons I used the feather&fan-kind of stitch pattern is that it makes undulating stripes and those accentuate the different textures, too.

And as a last pattern note, there is no use to try to make the beads turn up only on the right side of the pattern. Had I wanted that, I'd probably added beads separately . This way they have more of a randomly scattered appearance.

Happy Sunday everyone, my goal for today is to finish a pair of knee high stripey Noro socks and finally block and start seaming my Wren:)

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