January 21, 2010

Echo flower shawl

Echo flower shawl
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Some of us have new shawls. And they're green!

So, as ou can guess I finally finished my Echo flower shawl. Someone on Ravelry was so sweet and sent me enough yarn to get through the last couple of rows. And I love this!

Specs: Yarn is Wollmeise Twin in Petersilie, needles used were lace Addis in 4mm, I made a scarf size version of this, with the exception that I did one extra center repeat. It' halfway between a scarf and a shawl in size.

Yay, I'm so happy about this one. I've needed a new green shawl and this one suits my complexion better than the straight, bright greens. And the yarn is so heavy that it adds nice drape, too. The only thing I wonder about WM is that it didn't take the most aggressive blocking very well. I mean, the pattern opened up fine and so on, but I blocked this very stretched out and it definitely bounced back a little from what it was while still wet.

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