June 20, 2009


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I should be working hard on the lace design I have going, it is working out really pretty so far, I just need to knit the sample before trying to find test knitters and actually publish it... so, the reasonable thing to do is to start a different project:)

Actually, I've been working out clearing all the yarn I'm not going to knit with from my stash and a skein of rainbow yarn came up. It wasn't enough to make a bigger project with and I realised it was perfect for some intentional pooling! So here we go:) I love love love the pooling thread on Ravelry and have been waiting to get my hands on some Wollmeise or Schaefer Anne or other pretty and colourful yarn to make some pooling scarves. But meanwhile, this one can do:)

I just aligned the colour repeats in the yarn for a few rows, then casted on with scrap yarn and started knitting and trying to keep the colour aligned.The colour runs are so short it's a bit difficult, but it works:) The yarn is Novita Hippy from.. 3-4 years back and it always had these amazing colour but I didn't know how to make them actually look nice until now. I only have the one skein so this'll probably become a cowl/neckwarmer or just something unpractical because it isn't enough for a scarf.

Oh, and happy Midsommer!

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Anonymous said...

what a beautyful rainbow!! happy midsummer indeed.